Imagine a world where all woodland creatures great and small have Dragon DNA within them. Welcome to the amazing and wonderful world of Dragonia.

Robert Anton (Bob), is the creator of the dragonized creatures. All characters are part of a trilogy by Robert Anton & Madeline Marie which can be purchased online.

Just go to Amazon.com and type in their search engine: Tales of the Golden Talon



EACH ONE of the 67+ characters took Bob over 2-months to create. Over 11+ years total to complete them all. The whole groups of characters were completed in 2003. When colorizing the images Robert went down to the pixel level and shaded each square using Picture Publisher. No part of the designs were created by using the program's click-and-paste tools. (If you view the images on your cell phone, you'll be able to zoom in and see the intense detail work performed.) These are fun and extremely detailed works of art. When you get your order, you’ll see the intense detail performed in every square inch. As 2024 is the year of the dragon, all of these characters are right in step. Coming soon; Trading Cards.



Dragonia: Tales Of The Golden Talon books (sold on Amazon) is a fantasy fable in three parts, that follow the lives of its two heroes as they depart from Earth, return to their home world of Dragonia, and defeat the fierce tyrant who forced them into exile. Despite its long title and three volumes, the tales of Dragonia follows only thirteen critical days in the life of Princess Boja, the royal heir destined to reign as queen of all Dragonia. In the tradition of the magical journeys and search for justice found in Richard Adams’ “Watership Down”, and the strong, intelligent characters followed in “The Secret of N.I.M.H.” by Robert O’Brien, Tales Of The Golden Talon breathes new fire into the sometimes staid genre of mythic heroes, dragons, and evil villains intermixed with incredible creatures of every imaginable description.

Culled from timeless themes, but replete with fresh and exciting characters, both endearing and heinous, filled with humor, tragedy, thrills, and numerous, lavish illustrations, this saga of sacrifice and love, courage and perseverance, blazes forth as an original, universal saga for modern times. Set in the present, the story relates the hardships and triumphs of a banished princess and her guardian as they endeavor to restore the rightful heir to power.

Book one, “A Portal In The Storm” takes readers, both young and old, on a series of adventurous quests that begin on Earth, move to Dragonia in search of the young ruler’s family, travel the land above and below, from one end to the other. Princess Boja, the inexperienced successor to the seized sovereignty, is equal parts eagle and dragon. She is a hybrid creature known as a “dragle”. Her companion and protector, a “dragurtle” named Shelldon, is a half turtle and half dragon. As with all residents of Dragonia, both possess wings and can breathe fire. To save the life of the hatchling empress, Shelldon is appointed as guardian over the royal newborn. Having escaped with her through an inter-dimensional portal, he fled Dragonia and arrived on Earth, where different but equally hazardous circumstances threaten the fugitives.

Several seasons later, upon their return home, the grown princess and her guardian must surmount a variety of dangerous challenges as they race against time to avert an imminent confrontation between the despotic king, and those he has oppressed during their long absence. Boja, however, is ill-prepared for the responsibilities she has inherited by virtue of the lustrous Golden Talon on one of her feet. She is reluctant to reign as queen of a land that seems foreign to her. With no time left to argue, Shelldon has convinced his charge of the need to depart for Dragonia. Where the fate of an entire world hangs in the balance. Whereas, for the princess, only victory or death awaits her. Once home, the princess and Shelldon meet a multitude of other Dragonians who help them wage battles of will and fire against the powerful Dragragon, a huge, pure-blooded super-dragon known as a “Trueblood”.

Ablaze with intense, dramatic flare, this first leg of the Dragonia Trilogy begins a timeless journey that bridges the gap between typical children's fables and the more sophisticated themes enjoyed by older age groups. Readers of all ages should prepare for the unexpected as they embark upon a fast-paced, smile-per-minute voyage filled with magic and charm, endearing, unusual dragons, plus all the action, suspense, and intrigue of a modern cliffhanger.

Each book in the DRAGONIA series is a full-length, fully illuminated novel, both written and illustrated by Robert Anton

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I (Len Gould) am continually learning and creating new and different ways in which to cut and shape wood into unique patterns and designs. Visiting my website you will find that I’m always making new and fun items out of wood.

Although I make some items in multiple batches, no two pieces are ever the same as the woods I use and the patterns I create will always change from one piece to another. If you like what you see, buy it… (or not), but the one you like now will never be duplicated again, contrarily; other future products may be more appealing to you.

I’m a one-man show, so my manufacturing of products is not unlimited. The public shop where I do all my work is open M-F from 9-3. I do from time to time run out of a product as I’m limited to the amount I can process within the shop time that's available to me.

My passion for woodworking started in the mid-1970s.  A family member and I started making wood products out of multicolored laminated wood. We worked together for a few years and created new and unique products as well as creating specialized methods of manufacturing. I then moved to Orange County California and managed a custom wooden staircase manufacturing and installation plant for 12 years.

2013 I moved back to Oregon to retire, but found myself bored. So I started making stained glass art and then switched to fused glass. I sold my craft items at local venues and stores. I designed a jig for the kiln that allowed me to make fused woven glass pieces. Later I discovered a local public woodshop. Today I teach adult woodworking classes there as well as help supervise and maintain their equipment. I have learned as well as developed many new ways to process wood over the years. Life is a learning process, and I have developed a new passion for creating fun and unique wooden products.

NO DYES – I mix many different types of woods to achieve brilliant and eye-catching designs. All of my pieces are of the natural colors of the woods. There are no dyes or artificial color enhancements used. I finish all my pieces with food-grade coatings. NO-shiny/glossy finishes. I like the natural look and feel of the wood.




Each printed product within this website, the Dragonia creature has their name as part of the ordering title. Below are descriptions of who they are & how they fit into the storyline. They are in alphabetical order.

AUGLEY -Male / Draguck / Duck

   Augley spends his days paddling about the pond, where he really enjoys
bobbing upside down, sticking his tail scathers in the air, and puffing
underwater smoke bubbles. Unfortunately for the draguck, the pastime carries a
certain risk. A dragish prankster likes to nip at Augley’s backside whenever he pokes it upright, out of the water.


AVONE -Male / Dragunk / Skunk

   Fangs, fire, and claws are not the only things to be feared in Dragonia.
Some dragreatures possess defenses both unexpected and malodorous. What Avone
lacks in size and breath, is more than compensated by a lifted tail and raised


BEASTIAN -Male / Dragion / Lion

At odds with Ebrahm over some earlier misunderstanding, a thirsty
Beastian waits for the dragebra herds to depart the large oasis of their
prairie-land home. Once they are gone, the dragion and his friends can have
their fill-in privacy.


BELA -Aerobat Extraordinaire -Male / Dragat / Bat

   Nearly deaf from his accidental but oft-repeated collisions with trees,
rocks, and cave walls, Bela stumbles upon Boja and Shelldon, who have become
lost inside a deep cavern while on their way to the holy volcano, Mamag. The
guardian takes an immediate dislike to the irksome, undisciplined dragat. 

   Bela’s two favorite activities in life are eating and sleeping. Unknown
to his dragurtle antagonist, the cave dweller will soon play a pivotal role
that ultimately alters the destiny of every Dragonian, especially Boja’s own. Unknown
to Bela, he has a personal appointment with Dragragon.


BLAZE -Male / Dragnail / Snail

   A member of the little-known dragscargot family, Blaze yearns to speed
along like his friend, Shellsie. From time to time the dragurtle lets him ride
atop her shell and, as a result, the dragnail follows her everywhere. Patiently
he awaits the next opportunity to enjoy another dizzying, thrill-packed
adventure ride.


BANDIT -Male / Dragaccoon / Raccoon

The dragaccoon wants to plunder the unguarded food stores that lay
within the Cave of Queens. But he is dissuaded from doing so by Bobi, who
believes the queen has returned to Dragonia.  

   Intimidated by the bob’gat’s fire, Banditt decides to reserve his
thieving ways for whatever he can loot nearer his forest home.


BOBI -Male / Bob'gat/ Bobcat / Lynx

Accompanied by a mixed collection of odd friends and acquaintances, Bobi
cautiously investigates the fiery crash, amid the forest trees, of something
immense that fell from the nighttime sky.

   The bob’gat is among the first to see the spectacle up close and, along
with his associates, is amazed and terrified by what they discover.


BOOKER -Male / Dragorm / Worm

Whenever he meets someone, even those who already know him, Booker
always makes sure they understand how he is a dragorm and not a dragaterpillar.
More than once, the ground dweller has grown annoyed having to explain the
difference to some ill-informed passerby, who mistakenly assumed Booker would
eventually become some syrup-sucking butter’gly. Or even worse, a shaggy


BOJA on Earth -Female / Dragle / Eagle

With little memory of anywhere other than Earth, the fledgling Boja has
no desire to leave her home world and journey to some foreign and dangerous
other place. Despite her grouchy, parent-like guardian, Shelldon, who has never
liked living on Earth (or approved of its human inhabitants) she is quite happy
visiting and playing with her meadowland friends and other acquaintances.

Boja’s favorite part of each new day is watching the Holy Fire dawn
above the hills that lay nearby her and Shelldon’s oak tree lair. Though much
to her guardian’s dismay and disapproval, she especially enjoys her morning
chats with young Timothy, the only human she knows.


BOJA -Queen of Dragonia -Female / Dragle / Eagle

Boja bears the Mark of the Golden Talon. Her lustrous, gilded claw
signifies that she is the heir to the Dragle dynasty, and entitled to assume
her rightful place upon the giant log inside the Cave of Queens. The Imperial
Dragle Empress also wears the sacred Shafrah, the royal necklace worn by a
reigning sovereign. The Shafrah stands as a symbol for the thousand seasons
that Queen Dragles has ruled over Dragonia.

Worn around Boja’s golden talon is the magical ring, which was once the
horn of a dragonicorn. It was bestowed on her by Cora, who is a dragonicorn.


BRIMSTONE -Leader / The Zargahnis Truebloods -Male / Trueblood / Dragon

Discovered by Wingston, who has managed to find the secret realm of
Zargahn, the Trueblood, Brimstone, has journeyed to Dragonia to amend the
injustices wrought by his fellow Trueblood, Dragragon. Chief over the two other
giant dragons who accompanied him, Brimstone and his friends have subdued their
unruly compatriot and hold him prisoner, awaiting justice from those the
renegade has wronged.

The Trueblood leader is also very impressed with Princess Boja, and
agrees to attend her elaborate coronation as queen.


BUDDE -Male / Dragog / Dog

Budde’s mother has sent him to attend the great feast given by the
queen, and present her with the sack of pastries she baked. Though fully grown,
the ’gog is very nervous about visiting the Cave of Queens, for he has never
traveled so far from home before.


BUMPER -Male / Dragrog / Frog

In addition to Shelldon’s sister, Shellsie, and others like, Torto,
Whanda, and Tali, Bumper shares the bog with a variety of its other denizens.
Not one for frivolity, he ducks beneath the water whenever anyone, particularly
the rambunctious dragon’gly, Flycia, tries to involve him in a playful game of “tag”.


CAZLON -First Knight of the Royal Guards -Male / Dragle / Eagle

Cazlon is the swiftest flyer in all of Dragonia. As a messenger, his
dangerous missions carry him back and forth between the island sanctuary of
Moon Hala, and the mainland stronghold of Grandohr’s mountain chamber. 

The high-ranking officer of the Guard has developed deep feelings for
the unbetrothed queen, but he could never be so bold as to think she might look
upon him as anything more than a crude and ruthless Blood Spiller.


CORA -Of the Midlanian Sisterhood -Female/ Dragonicorn / Unicorn

Cora is a member of the mystical Sisterhood, a group of dragonicorns who
dwell along the banks of the mighty lake, Midlania. While strolling the
shoreline alone one night, she discovers Boja and Shelldon’s hidden presence.

Moments later, Dragragon’s accomplice, Rak, suddenly drops by for a
drink of rainwater, but soon wishes he had quenched his thirst elsewhere.

After her magnificent horn breaks off during a brief fracas with the
dragodactyl, Cora presents it to Boja as a gift. When she does, the magical
antler changes to a small, ivory ring which the princess wears around her
golden talon.


DAKWA -Male / Draghino / Rhino / Dragonoceros

Someone once joked to Dakwa how, with the tall horn that sprouts from
his nose, he appeared more like a dragonicorn than a dragonoceros. The quipster
learned fast that the ’ghino was not one with whom another should toy. 

Sensitive over his appearance, Dakwa roams the broad savanna, just
daring others to make some snide remark about his oversize snout.


DING DING -Female / Draganda / Panda

Ding Ding insists she is not a dragear, but rather a member of the dragaccoon family; a familiarity that Banditt steadfastly denies. Not one tohold a grudge, the draganda is happyjust to sit among stands of broom bambooand, between her friends, chat about things more important than who is what an who is not.


DOT -Female / Lady'gug / Ladybug

From a low-hanging branch, Dot tries to alert her woodland friends to a dangerous development. When they fail to heed her warning, the lady’gug flees for her life.

Moments later, the panicky others quickly follow Dot’s lead and scurry for cover.


DRAGRAGON -A Cruel, Unlawful King -Male / Trueblood / Dragon

A “true” full-blooded dragon, Dragragon is pure dragon and pure
wickedness. He has overthrown the Dragle monarchy, proclaimed himself king, and
forced the nestling Boja into exile on Earth. Like all Truebloods, he is many
times larger and far more powerful than other dragreatures.    

Known by many names, none of them good, Dragragon is determined to
prevent the young queen from reclaiming her royal birthright. Joined by his
dragodactyl accomplice, Rak, the Trueblood will not rest until every Dragle has
been slain -- especially the princess -- and his absolute rule thereby assured.

Aware that Boja has returned to Dragonia, Dragragon knows she must visit the Cave of Queens sooner or later. And when she
does, he will be waiting to give her a warm greeting. Very warm. Like in
blazing hot.


DRAZIL -Male / Trueblood / Dragon

Combining forces with Brimstone and Elysia against Dragragon, the
always-hungry Drazil looks forward to eating from the scheduled feast. To the
male Trueblood’s dismay, Elysia does not appear to reciprocate his romantic
leanings in her direction. She is too busy scolding him for his unsophisticated


EBRAHM -Male / Dragebra / Zebra

Leader of the shy dragebra herds who inhabit the spacious veldt, Ebrahm
and his skittish stables wander the area and often hang out at a popular oasis.


ELLI -Female / Draglephant / Elephant

A nervous eater, Ellie has never been the same since the Trueblood
tyrant came to power. Out for a midnight snack among the vast grasslands of
Dragonia’s savanna region, the draglephant (with a heart as big as her
appetite) is surprised to see the two unusual travelers discovered by her
dragiraffe chum, Geri.

Little does Ellie know, she and a couple of her friends will one day
confront Dragragon, face to trunk.


ELYSIA -Female / Trueblood / Dragon

Joined by Drazil, an additional male, Elysia has followed Brimstone to
the Truebloods’ former homeland. Fearful of the plague, the Sickness that
originally drove her kind to seek safety beyond the borders of Dragonia, she is
anxious to return to Zargahn.


FLYCIA -Female / Dragon'gly / Dragonfly

One of the friskier residents of the pond, Flycia loves to play all
kinds of games. Young and innocent, the flighty dragonet moppet happens upon
Boja, who is out for an early morning stroll. During their brief visit, each
learns from the other.


GDAY -The Teacher -Female / Dragaroo / Kangaroo

Gday is the first Dragonian resident Boja and Shelldon encounter upon
their return home. The dragaroo educator shares her forest-dwelling, set inside
a hollowed tree trunk, with her infant male joey, Ditto.   

After a fine evening meal, Gday bids “fare well” to the voyagers, and
warns of the many dangers that lie ahead for them. She gives Boja a bag of
freshly baked dragarookies to take on her way.


GERI -Female / Dragiraffe / Giraffe

Ellie’s best friend and gossip partner, the slightly snobbish Geri is
not quite as smart as she believes she is. When the dragiraffe sniffs out Boja
and Shelldon, who are hiding among some bushes, Geri helps guide them to the
dreaded Valley of Gloom.


GHALLEY -Male / Draghale / Whale

Even larger than a Trueblood, Ghalley swims beneath the great dragocean
that surrounds Dragonia. The draghale has, on more than one occasion, wandered
past Mamag’s opposite and prohibited shores, and seen what is there. Since no
one ever asked him, however, he has never told what he knows.

The draghale’s ancient ancestors once roamed Dragonia on land, walking
with legs instead of using fins for swimming. Out of respect, he has sent the
new queen a gift of sea kelp salad.


GIL -Male / Dragish / Fish

Gil likes to play practical jokes on his fellow pond-mates. His favorite
gag is to watch for Augley, when the draguck dips his head under the water and
exposes his straight-up hind end. The dragish sneaks close, leaps from the
surface, nips Augley’s tail, then dives out of sight.

The draguck swears he will get even some
day, but Gil says the surface-dwelling, ground waddler will have to catch him


GRANDOHR -First Arden to the Aakylan Council -Male / Dragle / Eagle

Consort to Fahrna, the deceased former queen, Grandohr is Jonaf’s
father, and Boja’s grandfather. Elderly, shrewd, and very stern, he uses an old
branch for a cane. As First Arden (head) of the Aakylan Council, his (and
their) authority is second only to the empress herself. Unable to fly due to
his age, he has stayed behind and not fled with his compatriots to the safe
refuge of Moon Hala. Hidden deep in his mountainside chamber, but in
communication with the island via a speedy courier named Cazlon, Grandohr plans
to use an army of newly trained warriors for an attack on Dragragon.

Once the Beast is conquered, the First Arden’s granddaughter will be
free to ascend the royal log inside the Cave of Queens and restore the realm to
its prior grandeur.


HAMLIN -The Water Bearer -Male / Dragouse / Mouse

During the feast, Hamlin is very excited about meeting the queen. The
brief encounter affords the dragouse an opportunity to tell Boja about his
younger brother, Deek, who is always getting himself in one jam or another. Or
sometimes a jelly.


ICELA -Female /   
Polar 'gear / Polar Bear

Driven by hunger, Icela, in search of food, has descended from Mamag’s
frozen heights. Unfortunately for the polar ’gear, she has wandered into a
gully pitted by numerous pools of quicksand disguised as harmless

Accidentally trapped and sinking ever deeper within one such pit, the
helpless Icela’s only hope lies with the three, newly arrived visitors staring
down at her from an overhead treelimb.


JEORGE -Male /Drageetle / Beetle

Hidden within a riverbed hollow, Jeorge is minding his own business when
Boja and Shelldon decide to sleep there. Rather than raise a ruckus over the
intrusion, the drageetle slips away and leaves the damp cranny to its new


JONAF & MELIA -TheRoyal Mother and Father -Male/Female/ Dragles / Eagles

To save the endangered life of princess Boja, their newborn heir to the
mighty log, Jonaf and Melia have engaged a special guardian to escape with her
through a forbidden, inter-dimensional passageway to Earth.         

Afterwards, their own lives threatened, the royal couple fled with all
other Dragles to their island retreat, Moon Hala. Stranded on the inhospitable
lagoon, they will await their future salvation until the queen (their grown
daughter) returns to Dragonian soil.


KARNIS -Commander / The Royal Guards -Male / Dragle / Eagle

Separated from her at birth, Karnis has never met his twin sister, Boja.
A fateful reunion awaits the two as the Commander and his trainee warriors
prepare to launch an all-out attack against Dragragon.

In addition to their fiery breaths, Karnis and his fellow Knights of The
Guard possess “fighting talons” which are long and sharpened for use in combat.
Barring some unforeseen development, the brother will lead the initial waves of
the airborne assault and if necessary, be among the first to perish amid
Dragragon’s own onslaught of flames.


KINDU -Male /Dragippo / Hippo

Though Kindu swims in a river that meanders throughout the great expanse
of grasslands, the dragippo prefers to quench his thirst at the local watering
hole. Somewhat of a snoop, he likes to laze in the mud and, with only his ears,
eyes, and nostrils above the water, watch others go about their business.


KRYSTAL -Female / Rein'geer / Reindeer

Krystal belongs to a roving herd of rein’geer who graze along Mamag’s
upper, snow-laden slopes. Until the banquet coronation of the new empress, shel
has never before descended to the warm lowland regions.


LITUS -Custodian of the Royal Tunnels -Male / Fire'gly / Firefly

Litus and his numberless hordes of fire’glies tend to a maze of secret
passageways that lead from the Cavern of Ancestors (a lower chamber attached to
the Cave of Queens) to the royal flightledges along the highest slopes of the
mighty volcano, Mamag. At the rear of each ledge is a tunnel that descends to a
royal chamber deep inside the mountain.

Waiting inside one such room is Boja’s grandfather, Grandohr, who is
held prisoner there by Dragragon and Rak. Normally in total darkness, the
private passages (guarded by Litus) that lead to the flightledges high above,
are illuminated by their dedicated, fire’gly occupants, who hang from ceilings
like myriad strings of tiny, incandescent lamps.

As the official caretaker of the royal tunnels, Litus guards the steep
corridors and ensures that no one but the queen or her courtiers find their way
through the maze of dark intersections and passages.

Litus lives in complete darkness and can
only be seen when the lights are on. In his case that means when the light from
his own body is switched on. More often than not, he and his many friends like
to hide in the shadows as they guard the royal tunnels and make sure no one
trespasses without a pass.


LUCENT -The Mistress of Rest & Peace -Female
/ Draghost / Spirit

Known also as the Overseer Of The Unforgotten, Lucent, the true name of
the Mistress, governs Dragonia’s sacred cemetery, Darcklan. Only she knows the
way out of the bone yard and enforces strict conditions as to who may leave,
once they have entered the hallowed domain.

In violation of the rules, Boja and Shelldon face certain peril until,
at the last instant, the wrathful draghost recognizes the princess for who she
actually is. With the guidance and help of the governess, the two intruders
escape from Darcklan -- and from Dragragon’s sudden arrival on the scene.


MARGEAUX -Female / Drageline / Feline Calico

An unwelcome visitor has blundered into Margeaux’s forest den and
nestled himself among her clutch of ’gittens. Come morning the dragalico must
deliver an important package to the queen. Especially since rumors are
spreading fast of Dragragon’s capture by others of his kind. Could it really be
true, she wonders.


MELTON -Male / Dragenguin / Penguin

Heated by sub-surface magma, several warm lakes lie nestled among the
frozen summit gorges of the mammoth mountain, Mamag. Living beside bleak,
frigid banks, reclusive flocks of dragenquins gather in modest numbers and
raise their you.

Melton is very proud. He has been selected to attend the feast and
represent his kind at the big banquet held in the queen’s honor.


MIMBAZI -Overseer of Pitchbark Forest -Male / Draganther / Panther

Mimbazi dislikes those who, without his permission, trespass through his
private domain. Confronting Boja and Shelldon, who have accidentally stumbled
across him, the draganther tries to intimidate the pair of perceived intruders
with his blustery bluffs and fiery puffs. The Overseer is impressed by the
Dragle’s rare courage, especially by her refusal to cower beneath his threats.
Deciding to help them, he warns both of the travelers to beware of the
draguirrel troublemaker, Urrol.


MISHKA -Male / Dragheep / Sheep

As do all dragheep, Mishka must be very careful around an open flame,
which is something not easily accomplished by any fire-breathing

Covered head-to-claw with
flammable wool, Mishka once sneezed and burned himself completely naked. For
this and other reasons, dragheep stay clear of anyone who even remotely appears
to suffer a head cold.


NADELI -Female / Dragnat / Gnat

One of the smallest flyers found anywhere in the dragontinent of
Dragonia, Nadeli gets stuck, from time to time, inside Racnabeth’s web. On one
such occasion, the dragnat spots Boja who, along with Shelldon, has paused
beside the dragider’s sticky, outstretched net.  

The shy Nadeli introduces herself to the Dragle, then hurries into the
depths of a nearby tunnel to rejoin her family.


NECTARA -Female / Butter'gly / Butterfly

Nectara and her butter’gly friends tend not to socialize with others
different from themselves. They are usually far too busy looking for rare
treats of nectar offered by Dragonia’s dwindling number of flowers.          

Easily annoyed by gossip-mongers, Nectara must constantly refute the
rumors that she is related to some boorish dragorm, named Booker.


OPPI -The Royal Healer -Male / Dragopossum / Opossum

As Royal Physician to the queen, Oppi is called upon to minister his
healing arts to those in need of care. Along his travels, the satchel-bearing
dragopossum has adopted an unusual stray he found. Unaware of the stranger’s
identity, Oppi offers the waif to a very grateful Boja. A more urgent matter,
however, demands the practitioner’s immediate attention.


PO -Guardian of Darcklan -Male / Dragaven / Raven

Through a clairvoyant connection with the Mistress of Rest and Peace,
Darcklan’s spectral governess, Po’s job is to alert the powerful draghost to
the presence of invaders and trespassers. Or more often than not, to welcome
guests who have come to deposit the bones of their deceased loved ones.    

With the help of the peculiar sentry, Boja and Shelldon meet the
fearsome Mistress, who is unaware (at first) of the Dragle’s real identity. The
fateful introduction is made not a moment too soon.


POLLENE -Female / Dragee / Bee

A busy worker, day in and out, Pollene and her other dragee friends have
all but forgotten the times of plenty from seasons past. The bountiful ages
before the horrible “days-of-fire” when Dragragon siezed power from the Dragle

An all-too-brief encounter with Wingston restores Pollene’s belief in
the goodness of strangers.


POONA -Female / Dragiger / Tiger / Tigress

The prim and proper Poona is secretly very fond of Mimbazi, the
draganther. Lacking a formal introduction, however, the dragiger admires him
from afar.  

Poona hopes, with a new empress perched upon the royal log, that the
friendlier, freer jungles might improve a chance meeting between her and the
handsome Overseer of Pitchbark Forest.


RACNBETH -Female / Dragider / Spider

Due to the unsafe conditions aboveground, Racnabeth and others have fled
to subterranean caves for shelter.

While Bela is directing Boja and Shelldon back to the surface, the
dragat clumsily flies into (and damages) the dragider’s intricately spun

Angry with all three at first, the
motherly Racnabeth lectures them about the need for good manners. Impressed by
Shelldon’s humility, the dragider soon grows fond of her visitors (except for
Bela) and warns of the certain doom they face, outside the caves.


RAK -Cohortof the Tyrant King -Male /Dragodactyl / Pterodactyl

A large and formidable foe, Rak’s ancient ancestors came from a
prehistoric Earth, where they ventured through the portal and eventually
settled in Dragonia. The forebears of the mute dragodactyl supposedly exchanged
their voices for the ability to breathe fire; a bargain that was struck with
the Lords of the volcanic summit known as Mamag.

Because of an Earthly plague
inadvertently brought to Dragonia many seasons prior, the last of all the
dragodactyl’s kind have perished long ago; Rak is the sole survivor of his
foreign breed.

For reasons known only to himself, he has joined forces with Dragragon
and rules as the tyrant’s second-in-command.


RHED -The Valley of Gloom -Male / Dragulture / Vulture

One of the few permanent residents of the Valley of Gloom, the crusty
dragulture lives by himself, scrounging for whatever tidbits others would
readily shun.

When Boja and Shelldon meet up with Rhed, the ’guzzard escorts them to
Twin Timbers, the scary gateway that leads to the even scarier dragraveyard,


RUNS WITH THUNDER -Male / Draguffalo / Buffalo

A native of the sprawling Dragonian plains, the draguffalo does not, as
many think, chase storms and run after lightning bolts. He would be the first
to suggest his name is derived from the thunderous sounds made by his hooves
pounding the ground when he gallops.

If pressed on the issue, however, Runs With Thunder will admit to having
trailed a storm cloud or two.


SARKIS -Male / Draghark / Shark

Sarkis prowls the coastal seas and sniffs out unwary kelp beds, ripe for
the taking. Very much a loner, the draghark has little interest in others’
tales of the great events unfolding on dry land.


SALGATORE -Male /Dra'gator / Alligator / Dragocodile

Rarely out of the water, the cranky dragator spends his time swimming up
and down rivers, searching for tasty river reeds. Salgatore is often difficult
to spot behind the cloud of smoke bubbles with which he typically surrounds


SHELLDON -TheQueen's Guardian -Male / Dragurtle / Turtle

Leaving behind a sister named Shellsie, Shelldon has been chosen to
protect the endangered hatchling princess. Embarking upon a journey through a
mysterious, inter-dimensional portal called Stormport, the dragurtle escapes
with his charge to Earth.

Having raised Boja as if his own, but much younger sibling, the time has
arrived when he must get her back to Dragonia. Once there, they will journey to
rejoin the queen’s grandfather, Grandohr. After meeting with others who are
loyal to the princess, they can then decide how to defeat the unlawful tyrant
king, Dragragon.

Just to be safe, Shelldon will keep Boja’s true identity a secret from
everyone the two are sure to meet along their way.


SNORF -The Outlaw Ringleader -Male / Dragvark / Aardvark

Boja and Shelldon soon leave the pond and resume their journey to find
the princess’ grandfather, Grandohr. During their trip, they barely avoid
Snorf, who is the boss of a roving gang of crooks, motley marauders, and other
scalawags. Ever since Dragragon overthrew the Dragle monarchy, food in Dragonia
has grown scarce. Hunger has spawned lawlessness, disorder, and perpetual
disputes throughout the realm.

The dragvark and his band of brigands and dragoons are only some of the
many who prowl the land absconding with whatever victuals they might come


STEEMER -The Knapsack Nabber -Male / Dragerpent / Snake

Disguised as just another vine hanging from overhead treelimbs, Steemer
dangles-in-wait for some unwary passerby with food. Boja loses the ’garookies,
given her by Gday, to this woodland thief.


SWEE -Male / Dragig / Pig

Contrary to what others might think, Swee is a light and finicky eater.
Admittedly, the dragig is fussy about everything, not just food. And especially
about who he considers a pal.

Those who shun liars and thieves, enjoy having Swee for a friend.


TALI -Male / Praying Dragantis / Praying Mantis

When not avoiding the pesky dragon’gly, Flycia, Tali lies-in-wait for
some unwary vine to come creeping by. He likes the excitement of chasing and
catching food which tries to get away from him. The long tendrils of the roots
bear occasional blooms which, if the dragantis is patient enough, will provide
an especially delicious snack.


TIBBAR -Male / Dragabbit / Rabbit

A prodigious digger of holes and tunnels, Tibbar has joined Bobi and the
others for a better look-see at the fiery figure who fell lifeless from the sky
and lies silent in their midst. After the dragabbit peeks from his most recent
burrow, he decides the excavation is much too close for comfort.


TIMTU -The New Arrival -Male / Trueblood / Dragon

Fresh from his egg, the Trueblood chick peers at those gathered about
him. At those who will care for him and see to his every need. 

A smiling Boja glances at Shelldon, Cazlon, Bela and Wingston, her
brother and grandfather. She then turns to the newborn, names him Timtu, and
leads him home to the Cave of Queens.

The newly anointed queen will wait a long time before she decides
whether or not to tell Dragragon that he has a son.


TOPAI -Female / Dragopus / Octopus

With her eight hand-like claws, Topai can perform a large number of
tasks all at the same time. As a result, the dragopus is in constant demand as
an expert chicksitter. She has been known to handle entire broods of youngsters
kept under her keen supervision. 

One of Topai’s favorite pastimes is to twirl in place and while carrying
each of her charges in an outstretched palm, take them all for a spin.


URROL -The Tattletale Interloper -Male / Draguirrel / Squirrel

Hungry for power, the arrogant, mischievous draguirrel is a willing
minion of Dragragon, and spies on the Trueblood’s behalf. Hot on the trail of
Boja and Shelldon, Urrol mistakenly believes that, once the new queen is
destroyed, he will enjoy promotions and rewards beyond his greatest, misguided
dreams. The draguirrel is in for a rude awakening.


WHANDA -Keeper of the Pond -Female / Dragwan / Swan

After Boja and Shelldon arrive at the pond where the dragurtle was born,
Whanda is not deceived by the others’ portrayal of the Dragle as just a stray,
blown inland from the sea around the island refuge, Moon Hala. The wise and
respected dragwan, known as the Keeper of the pond, is eager to talk to the
princess and help her understand the new life that awaits the reluctant

As a result of their fateful meeting, a special friendship develops
between the two.


WINGSTON -The Royal Guard Wannabe -Humming'gird / Hummingbird

Wingston loves high adventure and has always wanted to go on a “royal
expedition”. He also aspires to someday be a member of the queen’s Royal
Guards, which is a lofty goal since only Dragles are allowed to hold such a
prominent position.

To demonstrate his worthiness, the teeny warrior is especially fond of
spouting, “Beat’em up, burn’em up! Roast’em, toast’em! Rock’em, Sock’em!” 

The humming’gird’s best friend, other than Master Grandohr, is a dragat
named Bela. Wingston and Bela both dream of finding the legendary land of
Zargahn. When out and about, Wingston likes to pause among the bliss blossoms
for an occasional sip of gooey, dewy nectar.


WILLIE -Male / Sea'gorse / Seahorse

Willie takes everything he hears, literally. Consequently he thinks of
himself as a real dragorse, who only just-so-happens to live under the sea.

The sea’gorse likes to challenge his friends to races, to see who can
swim the fastest. Willie, though, always loses. But only because the others
cheat, he says. And he would never be less than honest, even if it meant


WOODROW -Male / Drageaver / Beaver

A friend of Bobi, the bob’gat, Woodrow nervously taps his tail along the
ground whenever he becomes scared. On one night in particular, the always-hungry, ever tail-tapping drageaver wonders if he has enjoyed his last meal.

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